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About me

WA State and Nationally Board Certified (ARCB) Reflexologist.  Reiki Master/ teacher


Like many of us, I was working 60- 70 hours a week for a company I did not own and made no time in my day or work week to pay attention to my physical and emotional health.  I found myself feeling out of balance and just “off” and could not seem to shake it.  I also felt physically ill and exhausted all of the time.  I resigned from my job and spent several months adjusting to my new "normal day".  I began to notice that my body needed to heal from years of neglect. I had been introduced to Reiki and remembered how relaxed and centered I felt after my first session.  I began my new journey by taking a Reiki I class to use as a tool for relaxation, and to center and ground myself as I continued to heal.  The changes in my personal and professional life were remarkable.  I continued with my training so that I could offer this healing modality to others.

Trained in Usui/Tibetan Level I, Level II and Advanced Level III Reiki and Masters training. In addition, I have also received training in the Fundamentals and Healing with One and Two Tibetan Bowls and  incorporate Tibetan bowls into each Reiki session for added healing and relaxation.


I believe in the power of healing touch and am a Nationally Certified Reflexologist and licensed in the State of Washington. Reflexology can reduce stress, increase circulation, improve sleep, boost your immune system, aid in digestive disorders, depression, provide relief from foot pain, plantar fasciitis, muscular pain, total body balance and help remove toxins from your body. Reflexology is a CAM (complimentary alternative modality) and may be used alone or as a compliment to care you are already receiving from your health care provider. No special equipment or tools are used, just a gentle touch by a well trained and licensed Reflexologist.

I welcome the opportunity to help you begin your healing journey to a new you or to help you uncover the old you that may have been placed on the back burner.

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